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General terms of sale


All offers and prices are entirely without engagement. Orders with a net invoice value of less than € 500,- (for deliveries to EU countries only – All other countries Ex Works) an amount will be charged as a contribution in the order treatment costs.


Dimensions, images and technical data used in our offers, catalogues, circulars and other publicity material are mentioned without engagement and serve only by way of illustration.


The supply of our goods occurs as from our warehouses, by dispossession to the carrier. We keep ourselves the right for partial deliveries. The purchaser cannot withdraw of the order partly or completely. At supply in parts, the purchaser is obliged to this partial supply related invoice according to the payment conditions.

Delivery Deadline:

All delivery deadlines have been approximately given up. Postponed deliveries does not give the right to the purchaser to dissolve the purchase contract. Under no circumstances we put ourselves responsibly for damage resulting ill-timed or non-deliveries.


The delivery of the goods occurs for account and risk of the purchaser, also for free house shipments, by designating a carrier by us.


All our goods are provided under normal factory guarantee, unless corresponded differently in advance. This guarantee stipulated itself exclusively to the replacement. Under no circumstances we take the responsibility for damage caused by possible failures from our goods. All claims on guarantee expire, if our payment conditions have not been followed exactly.


If provided goods by us is poor, the liability of Vezalux VOF has been restricted towards purchaser to what in these conditions under guarantee has been regulated. We are never responsible for indirect damage, included consequence damage, lacked profit, missed savings and damage by company stagnation.


Return shipments are possible after written authorisation of Vezalux VOF only.


All payments must occur without discount within 30 days after invoice date at our office or to another by us designate account. In case of not swift payment the consumer is obliged to compensate for an interest of 2% per month, calculate from 30 days after invoice date.

Right of ownership:

The property of goods examines reception of the complete invoice amount at our office or to another by us designate account.


In case of supremacy, which disturbs our company, we have been dismissed of all supply obligations. If our costs should increase during the duration of an order, then we preserve the right to charge the purchaser for the incremental costs, or cancel the order.


Deviations of one or more above mentioned provisions is only permitted, if this has been confirmed by us in advance in writing. The remaining conditions remain then undiminished effective.


If we put a debt in hands of a legal all judicial and extrajudicial costs, which we would become to legal chargeable, come, such as debt collection-, files- and compensation costs, entirely at charges of the negligent person under obligation. The collection costs are at least 15% if the total invoice amount, with a minimum of Euro 1000,-.


To all agreements between both parties applies Dutch right. Possible disputes will be tried by the competent judge in Breda, The Netherlands.


This general terms of sale have been deposited for the chamber of commerce at Breda, The Netherlands.

Thus made at Wernhout, January 2017